Living Life as “One of Them”

A few months ago I had a very good friend who came from a small Pacific island. Meeting this person was unusual enough, as there are only a couple of hundred people from this island and I just happened to be quite good friends with another of these islanders at the time.

Meeting one of these people is rare. Meeting and developing friendships with two is incredibly uncommon.

Their grasp of English was never so good in the beginning. They struggled to get by in a culture and system that was completely foreign to them, and in many ways, offensive to them with its disregard and apathy for those deemed ‘different’ in any way. They missed the close and intimate life one could live among people who cared, instead of the cold, calculating disdain and profiteering of Western society.

But these two young men, after meeting through me, developed a very strong bond. They became inseparable friends. It was the power of a shared mindset that drew them together.

It was also that shared mindset that allowed their friendship to grow into not just a comfort but a neccessity. By depending on each other for aid and advice, they adapted to the culture and learned how to successfully traverse it much more quickly.

As “One of Them” I think that we are meant to draw together across the world to support each other. It is our best chance at living life successfully. We are the ones born into this world not knowing who we are because we never knew the place we came from; we are Persandli, citizens of the Otherworld, ready to make a difference in the energy of humanity and Earth. That description is not accepted among the humans. If you can read this paragraph and even accept that it might be true, you’re probably one of us.

Some call us ‘elfkin’ or ‘otherkin’ or even ‘vampires’ but the Persandli are just a noble race trying to clean up the mess we made here, while advancing our own souls.

We need to bind together and work for common goals in offsetting the negative energy signature, and we need to work together to adjust our souls to this planet. We may be here for a while. Together we will advance our minds and grow in spiritual and intellectual power. This is how we will successfully live life as ‘one of them’.

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The Aftermath of Atlantis

Long before this stage of human civilization developed, before the Homosapien and the hunter-gatherer model developed, the thriving civilization of Atlantis made first contact with the people of Persandli. That was the first time that the two worlds connected, and also the cause of the implosion. The implosion was somehow caused by the first contact between worlds, but nobody is quite sure why the contact caused it. All witnesses to the event, Atlantean and Persandli, were lost in that event.

What did the implosion of Atlantean cause? The Aftermath is a complicated and uncertain part of Persandli and Earth history. There are certain known effects–development of life on Earth regressed and it took several more thousand years just to develop an organized hunter-gatherer system again. However, the effects run deeper than that.

Contact implosions bear energy signatures, and because of the large amount of negative energy that an implosion causes, the signature bears a strongly negative slant on that world for billions of years. A signature never fades, but the type of energy can be changed. Fortunately, since the implosion methods of seeding by the Persandli have changed, and no longer cause such catastrophes.

The Persandli method now involves a process similar to reincarnation, and it can take decades for the seeded individual to awaken to his or her true nature. Sometimes, it takes too long and they never realize, but they almost always feel out of place throughout their life.

The purpose of the Persandli seeding is to remove the negative energy signature on Earth. This energy has caused the development of violent and hateful life and in order to restore balance and prevent the entire planet from imploding in the future, the Persandli must collectively fix the problem they have caused.

This site is just one means by which to remind the Persandli of the place they came from. The process has taken thousands of years because of the Awakening failure rate. Awareness aids Awakening.

You will know if you are one of the chosen ones, selected to achieve higher levels of consciousness and existence and make a lasting change for the greater good of all. Most of the time, you will have felt out of place on Earth, but above all, you know this history rings true and calls to you. You finally feel at home. We hope that we can reach you.

Let us communicate through this technology and finally fulfill our purpose.

Your fellow lightworker,

Anda Marceni